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Hitchy is a server-side application framework. This is its manual for developers.

The framework starts lean and relies on plugins to extend the very small but powerful set of features included with its core which is providing just this:

Those features comply with our basic design principles.

Getting Started

See our tutorials for getting started.

Why "Hitchy"?

We've started developing this framework while using SailsJS for creating applications. We basically were great fans of ExpressJS back then. But SailsJS wasn't quite as convincing.

That's why we started developing our own framework to provide what was missing in ExpressJS and make it integrate as a middleware there. We considered this middleware to hitch itself on to ExpressJS. That's why we called it hitchy. Aside from that this name was sticking and available.

Even today, Hitchy works great on top of ExpressJS. However, it is also great on its own. That's why we always use it without another framework involved.




This framework has been developed by Berlin-based cepharum GmbH.